Fine & Functional Art
In Stone


Chris Welch combines his years of experience in drawing and painting with an old-fashioned engraving process to make stone creations large and small. These designs, engraved on clay and concrete pavers and ceramic, granite, marble and limestone tiles, are unique additions to home and garden, offices and public spaces.

Engraved monarch butterfly engraved and hand painted on green granite tiles.
Monarch Butterfly – Tub surround

Our shop has been engraving on these materials for over 30 years. It’s been mostly recording the personal messages of tens of thousands of people honoring or memorializing a loved one. But lately, Chris has been engraving his drawings on stone, then painting them.

Chris touching up paint of engraving on marble tiles
Chris touching up paint of engraving on marble tiles.
Image of girl in blue and white dress engraved on white marble.
Engraved on 20 12″ x 12″ white marble tiles.

Stone has durability to withstand the weather while also being a material that has many interior applications. The designs Chris and his team create fit in many different settings, outside…

Flowers engraved on clay pavers and hand-painted black
Garden stones engraved on clay pavers.

… or indoors.

Coffee sign engraved on 9" x 12" white subway tile.
Coffee sign engraved on 9″ x 12″ white subway tile and framed.

Contact Chris today to discuss your project. Art engraved on stone will be an exciting addition to your life.