After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Fine Art, Chris Welch and his wife Teresa relocated to central Minnesota. It was there that he began to refine his drawing skills and begin to exhibit his art.

But the demands of family and work began to settle in. Children arrived and the couple also purchased a stone engraving business. Welch set aside serious art-making, but he never completely stopped drawing.

Fast-forward about 15 years when the younger kids were old enough to not need constant care, and the bug to make finished drawings was strong. With the encouragement of his friend and renown artist, Charles Kapsner, he began drawing portraits of his kids and reintroducing himself to the nuances of the craft.

Now Welch is working to combine elements of his drawing with the technology of his business to create stone relief engravings suitable for hanging on or installing into a wall (or floor).

Chris Drawing in the shadows