The artist as himself. Pencil drawing, 1993.

Vital Statistics
(added December 2001 - January 2016)

Name: Christopher Welch

Born: 1963

Marital Status: Married to Teresa

Location: Central Minnesota.

Occupation: Visual Artist & Designer, stone engraver.

Artists' Work I admire: Leonardo, Rembrandt, Manet, Rodin, Carravaggio, Giotto. These are just a few that come to mind as I write this.

Inspiration: My family. They give me great inspiration and joy.

Other Inspiration: The creative nature of God. I am fascinated by the fact that this creative being gave us the ability to be creative as well. In fact, art is an activity that is unique to people. Not even God makes art. But He gave us the ability to make art and music; to write, speak and dance; to think and create. It is a glorious gift and it is the basis for all of my work: to create beauty, harmony, order -- striving toward those characteristics that God possesses and utilizes in his creation.

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