"Bulletin" in the title refers to a church bulletin. Each Sunday morning, I am handed this piece of paper that has the schedule for that morning's service, with a place to take notes on the sermon. Instead of taking notes, I use that space to draw.                 Read more

Birds Cross Faces Fruit
Man's Face Numbers Philippians Pointer
Spirit Storm Clouds Swirls Twins

This practice is done not out of irreverence to the gospel message or disrespect for our pastor. But over the past couple of years I have found that I can actually concentrate on the message more while drawing than I can when not drawing. I don't know why.

There is only one rule that I abide by in this practice: that the drawing takes place only during the sermon. When the message is over, the drawing is finished.

Over the years, I have accumulated 50 or so of these drawings. I've distilled this series down to 12 based only on personal taste. There is no other theme to this series. Some of the drawings make reference to that morning's message, others do not.

This series is strictly web-based. This is the only place that these images can be viewed -- they do not hang on any wall anywhere. And I further exploit this fact in the scanning and image manipulation of them. All color was removed so they would be consistent with the rest of the drawings on this site. You will find remnants of the text of the bulletin on some, none on others.

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