Utilizing equipment from my business, ENGRAVESTONE, I have rendered several drawings on various stone materials. The evolution from the original drawing to finished engraving is where my interest lies. It is a challenge to make a composition originally drawn on paper to work on a stone surface. Even though they are essentially the same image, they are two entirely different pieces of art.

This is a process of creating a composition, digitizing, deconstructing, engraving, then reconstructing and finishing the piece. There are many design challenges along the way. And, as the images increase in size, considerations for moving and displaying must be made. These tiles are heavy but fragile. 

18” x 36” engraved travertine tiles, 2015
The evolution
Consider the Lilies
26” x 15¾” engraved limestone tiles, 2015
The evolution
From the Han Dynasty
18” x 34½” engraved limestone, 2015
The evolution
36” x 36” engraved marble tiles, 2015
The evolution
Lake Charlotte
48” x 24” engraved marble tiles, 2015
The evolution
Through the Window
24” x 18” engraved marble tiles, 2010
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Underside – Monarch Butterfly
72” x 36” engraved granite tiles, 2016
The evolution
Twirl 2017
48″ x 60″ engraved marble tiles, 2017