Engraving on Stone

Utilizing equipment from my business, ENGRAVESTONE, I have rendered several drawings on various stone materials. The evolution from the original drawing to finished engraving is where my interest lies. It is a challenge to make a composition originally drawn on paper to work on a stone surface. Even though they are essentially the same image, they are two entirely different pieces of art.


18” x 36” engraved travertine tiles, 2015
The evolution

Consider the Lilies

26” x 15¾” engraved limestone tiles, 2015
The evolution

From the Han Dynasty

18” x 34½” engraved limestone, 2015
The evolution


36” x 36” engraved marble tiles, 2015
The evolution

Lake Charlotte

48” x 24” engraved marble tiles, 2015
The evolution

Through the Window

24” x 18” engraved marble tiles, 2010
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Underside - Monarch Butterfly

72” x 36” engraved granite tiles, 2016
The evolution