Drawings & Paintings

I use an iPad to format designs as well as to draw and paint. I find drawing on an iPad to be very different from drawing on traditional media. First of all, the surface, being glass, is slicker than even the smoothest paper. So the touch of the pencil, pen or other marker is different and took some getting used to. Variety that is normally achieved by varying the pressure or angle of the marker tip are achieved by settings for tool tip being used. In other words, you can’t (at least with my iPad version) press harder to create a darker line. For me, this tablet is not a replacement for paper or canvas, but it is invaluable for its immediate results. And it is a full “studio” in a small device. I use Inkpad for vector drawing and ArtStudiofor most painting. The Brushes app was used for the painting in the video below.

La Vie En Rose - Colin Welch Cover
La Vie En Rose, 2016. Screenshot of music video by Colin Welch. Click image to view video.

Pot & Candles - iPad art
Pottery and Candles, 2014

Blue - iPad drawing
Blue, 2014

About a Song - iPad drawing
About a Song, 2015

Self Portrait - iPad drawing
Self Portrait with Beard, 2013

Self Portrait - iPad drawing
Self Portrait, 2013

Self Portrait - iPad drawing
Self Portrait with Glasses, 2013

Freeform Design - iPad drawing
Swirls, 2012