Multi-stone engraving

Multi-stone engraving is a process that I continue to develop. We’ve been engraving these pieces for about 8 years. Fortunately, I learned of the tiles of Portugal, but only recently. I am beginning to study them and find inspiration.

I work from original drawings and sometimes photos to create the files used to engrave the images you see below. Initially, I trace the drawings on my iPad. Then I import the traced file into my computer where I cut it up into individual files. These files guide the engraver to cut each of the stones making up the final image.

Diagram of the cut up Swallowtail image.

The size, pattern and joint dimension all determine how the image is cut.

We engraved each block, paver, or tile one at a time. Then each piece is painted. Finally, when everything is dry, we assemble them as see the results of our efforts.

So it’s a lot like a puzzle. But we number each stone on the engravings with many pieces, according to the diagram, making assembly is easier.

Presenting some examples of our multi-stone engraving

Image of lilies engraved on limestone blocks.
Consider the Lilies
Engraved on 3 – 8″ x 16″ limestone blocks.
Unique art - crane engraved and etched on travertine tiles.
Engraved on 2 – 18″ x 18″ travertine tiles.
Art for home. Window scene engraved on white marble and installed as a kitchen backsplash.
Through the Window
Engraved on 12 – 6″ x 6″ white marble tiles, installed as a kitchen backsplash.
Old railroad depot engraved on clay pavers makes a unique art piece.
Train Depot – Little Falls, MN
Engraved on 36 – 4″ x 8″ red clay pavers.
Image of girl in blue and white dress engraved on white marble tiles.
Engraved on 20 – 12″ x 12″ white marble tiles.
Engraved monarch butterfly engraved and hand painted on green granite tiles.
Underside – Monarch Butterfly
Engraved on 20 – 12″ x 12″ green granite tiles, installed as a tub surround.
Hot air balloon engraved on multiple clay pavers to make a unique addition to a patio.
Hot Air Balloon
Engraved on 21 – 4″ x 8″ orange clay pavers.
Lakeside landscape scene engraved on white marble tiles.
Lake Charlotte
Engraved on 8- 12″ x 12″ white marble tiles.
Monarch butterfly engraved on red granite.
Red Monarch
Engraved on 2 – 12″ x 12″ red granite tiles.
Swallowtail butterfly image engraved on concrete pavers.
Engraved on 23 – 4″ x 8″ concrete pavers.