Personalized Engraved Bricks & Pavers for Fundraising

Since 1989, as the company Engravestone, we helped organizations conduct successful fundraising campaigns using personalized engraved bricks and pavers. Our one-of-a-kind engraving technology provided organizations with a flexible, durable product to offer their supporters for the purpose of raising needed money. And the engraved bricks, pavers and tiles serve as building material for new sidewalks, patios, and walls.

Now, as Welchworks, we offer the same products and services for fundraising campaigns and building projects.

We know that dreaming, planning and executing a campaign is hard work and can be stressful. Therefore we strive to help make this part of the process as simple, easy and stress free as possible. Having a clear plan at the beginning is the way to make that happen.

Here are some resources to help you get started.

Fundraising Guide

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Order forms

These form templates can be downloaded and edited to suit your needs. MS Word format.

Order spreadsheet

Use this Excel template to compile and submit your order.

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